About Us

Our expertise revolves around textiles, and we consistently envision innovative creations from fabric. This is why we’ve been passionately dedicated to our craft since our establishment. As Artar Textile, we were founded in Istanbul in 1994 and we have been serving as a corporate solution partner to leading global companies in the sector for many years. Our company uses the power of textile to create unique identities for many brands working in different fields.

Each brand benefits from our expertise, either through the creation of a brand identity from scratch or the enhancement of an existing one, achieved by producing tailor-made items. With our catalog expanding consistently, we accumulate references from world-renowned brands in various sectors.

Our solution-oriented company structure, boasting over a quarter-century of experience, stands out for delivering top-notch production quality and cutting-edge design solutions. Fueled by innovation and ongoing R&D endeavors, our continuous growth allows us to bring a fresh perspective to each brand, ensuring our commitment to creative excellence persists.